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The Forget-Me-Not Factory

8044 Main Street
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Toll Free Tel: 866.445.4879

Our emporium, The Forget-Me-Not Factory, is a destination to lose the day in that has been open for business since 1985. We are housed in an impressive five-story building; the walls of which seem to speak of a full, diverse history. The distinctive colonial features of the structure and recently-discovered historic evidence indicate that the building may date prior to the founding of the town in 1771.

The store is filled to capacity with whimsical gifts, holiday, decorator, and fantasy-related items. Just walking past the facade and not getting a sense of what we’re about is impossible, as a bubble blown from Bubblina, our bear stationed on the porch, may land on your nose, or the almost pony-sized unicorns displayed in our windows may wink at you, or the enchanting music coming from … somewhere … may entrance you to enter. If you spot one of our employed fairies daintily emerging from our doors with cardboard boxes in tow and bits of styrofoam barnacled to her dress, glitter trailing in a cloud behind her – that’s a sure sign something new has just arrived.

Made in Tel Aviv, Israel by Virtuti-D